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27th May 2020


myRookie - New Partnership

The Edusport Academy are delighted to be associated with the myRookie platform and mobile application. This platform allows players to fill in their detailed profiles to be visible for amateur or professional clubs, but also to be able to come into direct contact with them. This innovative network therefore allows the world of sport and its players (players, staffs, clubs) to have a space for exchange and sharing all over the world.

myRookie gives each player in the world the opportunity to progress in their sport, to seek opportunities directly, to reveal their talent to a large community, and it is these key areas that convinced us that this will benefit our students further, after the year they will spend at the academy.

Its clear how important it is for our current and former academy students to use this network to widen their visibility with the clubs present on the network, knowing that they will come out of a year which will have enabled them to strengthen their confidence and to make their profile more attractive thanks to their valued experience and new skills learned.

Chris Ewing - Director of the Edusport Academy: "myRookie is very interesting for our players who, at the end of their year at the academy, have the opportunity to highlight their profile directly to recruiters around the world."

Éric Anselme - CEO myRookie : "This partnership with Edusport Academy is part of the story of myRookie. I am both proud and happy that it has been made especially with a person like Chris, that I greatly appreciate. Together we will accompany our young athletes as far as possible. Good things happen to good people"

The myRookie Application can be downloaded here :