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A word from the Director

Chris Ewing

"When I created the Edusport Academy back in 2011, I could not have imagined the success we would have had. I was young and where I lacked in experience, made up with enthusiasm. I was always totally convinced in the power of education and had a steadfast ambition to combine sport, education and an experience abroad. It was the strength of this idea that transformed a thought into reality and now 10 years later, I have seen a concept grow into one of the most respected sporting academies in the UK.

In the last 10 years, we have seen the Academy grow in size and stature. We have became full members of the Scottish FA, been awarded the exclusive UEFA Club License, created history by winning the South of Scotland League, diversified, continued to develop and now accept students in Football, Rugby, Basketball and Dance, and we are opening a new campus in Malta, though above all, we have helped change lives.

With over 450 students passing through the Edusport Academy since 2011, we have seen our students grow into fine young men (and women). We have taken a paternal pride in watching them develop in all areas of their efforts. I have seen students come to the Academy with hardly any English, who today are bilingual. I have seen a student obtain 19/20 in English on his Bac, where he previously scored 3/20. I have seen a rugby man lose 18kg. I have seen countless students amass an amazing amount of self confidence that will serve them well forever. I have seen life long friendships formed. I have seen some students sign professional contracts, many move to America on scholarship and more and more stay in Scotland beyond their year in the Academy. I have even employed some, who were once students, are now my colleagues !

I have since met with former students who have open their own business. I have watched proudly as some former students become parents and as owner of the Academy, I am proud to call a number of our former students friends.

It hasn’t always been easy and we have had our challenges along the way, though we have always remained fiercely loyal to our core values and our ‘etat d’esprit’ where people and personal development are ALWAYS the most important single factor at the Edusport Academy.

I have been fortunate to have been able to surround myself with some of the most competent and professional people in Scotland. You will need to go a very long way to find a better, more qualified and more ‘human’ staff than that which we have at the Edusport Academy. Our staff are the bedrock of our success and something which I am very proud of.

The Edusport Academy is a simple yet effective proposition and it works. It has been tried and tested. What we have discovered is that if you put good people together in a professional environment, the results and the progress are astonishing. My responsibility as the director of the Academy is to bring these people together and offer the very best conditions for our students to succeed.

Good people, motivated and ambitious, working together in a respectful, professional environment for collective and individual progression, that is the Edusport Academy of today."

Chris Ewing