Here are some answers to the questions you can ask yourself

Why choose Edusport Academy?

Because we have 10 years of experience, and our program allows you to create new opportunities for yourself, and ensure a better professional future.

Living a year abroad by leaving your comfort zone will make you step back, grow, and will be a great addition on your CV, because in the professional world today, recruiters and companies prioritise people having had an experience abroad like this because it shows that you have been curious, courageous, and they know all the benefits that this experience can bring.

This year at the academy, if you work, and if you practice your English, allows you to master this new language. Again, in today's professional world, those who speak English are always hired as a priority over those who do not speak English. You will be able to progress more quickly professionally, and reach better wages more quickly, for a better quality of life.

The academy allows you to become more competitive on the job market, and to gain in quality of life, while continuing your passion, the sport. Our sports training allows you to progress technically, tactically, and mentally. If you work, you will progress like never before.

Is there a fee for the academy?

Yes. We are a private academy. We offer an all-inclusive package for the whole year: accommodation for the entire duration of the program, a food budget, school lessons, sports training, training uniforms, insurance, cultural outings, etc, for £ 17,000. It is a certain amount of money when you look at the total, but reduced to what it represents for a year abroad with the cost of training, it is not "expensive" for what it is.

If you add up what it would cost you in one year to go to another training course in France with an apartment to pay, all your food expenses over the year, plus the cost of your school, you will arrive at a total sum little different. The difference is that the Edusport Academy allows you to have an experience abroad, with quality training. It’s an investment in your future that you will pay off quickly with the best salary you will get by speaking English and after the experience you have had in Scotland.

What are the opportunities at Edusport Academy?

There are many opportunities for the academy, and it is up to you. They depend on what you want, and on your job, if you give yourself the means to reach your goals.

Some of our students have not completed high school, others have just obtained their BAC, and others have just validated other post-baccalaureate degrees. Some have an idea of ​​what they would like to do later, others don't.

A year abroad allows you to step back, gain maturity, which will allow you to specify your desires for your professional suite.

Some of you would like to continue your experience in the United States, by obtaining a scholarship for an American University. A scholarship is all the more interesting and financially great, as your sporting level and your level of English is high. The academy is therefore a springboard which prepares you for the tests to obtain a scholarship and to go play and study in the USA.

Some will want to stay in Scotland, to follow another training, to work, to continue playing. Or do it all in another country because this experience will have made them want to continue discovering other parts of the world.

Some will resume their training or other training in France, which they could not have integrated with their level of English before their year at the academy.

Some will continue on their way to the world of professional sport.

This year at the academy is an opportunity for you to improve on key points (sports and English), allowing you to open more doors for your future. We are putting in place the best conditions for you to achieve your goals, but it is up to you to work for it, and to take advantage of this opportunity, as well as those that you can create for yourself through your work in Scotland.


Are the training courses diplomas and are the diplomas recognized?

Yes. Joining the Edusport Academy, you will study English at the college and prepare throughout the year a national English diploma, recognised by European standards CEFR. You will also be able to pass the TOEIC (or TOEFL) at the end of the program.

During your introduction to coaching you will pass your level 1.1 diploma issued by the Scottish football association. 

The Sport Management training that you may take during your year at the academy is delivered by the Johan Cruyff Institute and allows you to obtain a diploma from the Johan Cruyff Institute that you can highlight on your CV. 

Do I have to do a detection to join the academy?

The purpose of the detections is to be able to assess your level and your potential on the ground, but it is above all the opportunity to be able to meet you, discuss your motivations for joining our program, and see your state of mind. If you are unable to meet us at one of our events, we can study your application on video, with telephone or skype interviews.

What type of person is the academy looking for?

We know that the best players are also those who have understood that education is just as important as sport, because they are the ones who will have the mentality to work hard, and they are the ones who will show the best attitude.

We therefore wish to work with serious young people, ready to be involved in their future, both academically and sportingly. Curious young people who want to discover other things, other cultures, another language and other people. We have different teams at the academy, or work with different clubs allowing us to adapt to the levels of our players.

What matters is not the level you have on the day we meet you at detection, it is your potential, and your desire to progress. With equal sports skills, a player who shows a good attitude, and a desire to progress on several levels (not only sports) has a much better potential, and reaches a better level at the end of the year than his colleague who only thinks about sport and wants to become a professional player.

Can this training allow us to become a professional player?

It’s possible, yes. But our opinion is very clear on this subject. The world of professional sports is a difficult and saturated world. There are many called but few chosen, so even if we are not there to break your dreams, we have the responsibility to warn you and allow you to remain about it, to better prepare you for your future.

1- We do not want ‘to become professional’ as your only objective to integrate the academy, because our program has much more benefits to offer than only sporting progression. Besides, the best athletes and those who signed professional contracts afterwards understood this, and it was always those who applied as much in class as in training and who showed a good attitude, who had a better mind and who have progressed in the world of professional sport.

2- Becoming a professional player is a job of several years, requiring effort, discipline, a good mentality and a good attitude. The academy may be one of the years on this path, but it is not in a year of training that everyone can reach the level to become a professional player. No one can guarantee that you will end up pro by leaving training, apart from "liars" and unfortunately too many organisations or ill-intentioned people who wish to exploit the dream of young athletes.

3- Even if you work, and you show a good attitude (which allows you to benefit from a network) and you reach the level to become professional, sometimes that is not enough unfortunately. So you absolutely need to prepare a plan B, and the academy was created for this: allow you to develop other strings to your bow, in addition to sports training (English, sport management, coaching diploma, experience abroad etc ...)

4- We have trained more than 400 players and students since 2011. Among them, more than fifty players signed professional or semi-professional contracts after their training at the academy, more than 80 went to play in American universities. And our players who return to France after their year in Scotland generally find a club 2 or 3 divisions above where they played before.

The academy can be a step on your way as a professional player, but you have to be honest with yourself, and don't just have that goal in mind.

Your success depends on you, your work, and sometimes a little luck.

Will I have student status in Scotland during my year at the academy?

Yes. Your English lessons are completed at the Glasgow school of English and you will therefore have student status in Scotland, which makes you eligible for a student loan in France for example. You will receive your student status letter when you arrive in Glasgow.

What is Caledonian Braves?

Caledonian Braves is the academy's professional football club. Our academy was created in 2011, then evolved into a real football club by integrating the Scottish Football Association in 2014, at the bottom of the Scottish Pyramid System. In 2017 we won the South of Scotland League, (6th division) of Scottish Football, and were promoted to the Lowland League (5th division). Being in the Pyramid system is an opportunity to be able to continue to climb the ladder and why not one day reach the Scottish Premiership and the Champion’s league.. 

In order to help the club develop, we have therefore set up an annual subscription membership. This subscription is not just a donation, we offer an unprecedented experience to our members: getting involved in all the big decisions and the life of the club. For this, we have developed our Mobile Application, so that everyone can follow club news, live matches, and vote on the management and major questions / developments of the club!

The unique part is that anyone anywhere can be a supporter, with our new technology. We have over 800 members in 32 different countries, and want to develop an online fan community, to whom we empower. Football Manager and FIFA Ultimate team for real!

This year, our fans have chosen the new name for the club, going from Edusport Academy to Caledonian Braves. We have the whole history of the club to build with you, so download our Application:


What happens if I get injured during the year?

An injury is part of an athlete’s life, you have to be serious in your rehabilitation, do not start too early, to come back stronger later.

We have set up an additional insurance * (separate from that included in the registration fees), which is not compulsory and which you can decide to take out, so that in the event that you are injured during the year, and if this injury prevented you from continuing the program, you will be reimbursed in proportion to your registration fees.

These types of injuries are rare, and the majority of injuries that can occur during the year keep you out for a few weeks at most. You are followed up and undergo your rehabilitation with our physiotherapists at the academy.

* see conditions


What should I put on Parcousup if I join the academy at the next school year?

If you are in high school and you register at the academy, there is no need to fill out a file on Parcoursup, and you will fill out a file the following year if you want to reintegrate training under Parcoursup in the school system French.

Can I work / have a small job in Glasgow during the year?

Depending on your immigration status, you may be able to work in the UK. We are always very happy to see our young people decide to have the experience of working abroad. This is fine with us, as long as your job schedules are outside of the academy’s classes, training and matches.

Do you need to have a good level of English to join the academy?

No. You are tested at the start of the school year and placed in a course corresponding to your level of English, in which you will prepare the diploma which corresponds to your level. Each student therefore has an adapted course. Anyone can progress in English and reach a good level whatever your starting level, if you work and practice your English to make the most of this year in immersed in the language of English.

Do you have to have a baccalaureate to join the academy?

No. There is no diploma required to join the academy as our program is based on personal, sports and professional development.

A young person who understands that they needs English for better professional development should be congratulated and supported, whatever their school career and the diplomas they did or didn’t obtain

What documents do I need to travel to Scotland?

To travel in the UK and in Scotland, you will need a passport.

Depending on your nationality and the length of your stay, you may need a visa to study in the United Kingdom. 

Can we contact former students of the academy?

Of course, we can send you the contacts of our former students who have now become the academy ambassadors in your region.