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Life Experience

Life Experience

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A Positive Change

For your future

The Edusport Academy is much more than just a sports project.

It’s much more than learning English.

It’s a program to change your life and your future opportunities.

Imagine yourself in a few years, sitting in an office for an interview for the job of your dreams. You are not alone in passing the interview, but you are confident: you are well prepared and fluent in English.

Maybe your competitors also have good qualifications, but you have lived abroad. This is what will set you apart from the rest and what will give you a definite competitive advantage.

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We know that our sports students are passionate about sport and that this is, in large part, what makes the program attractive, but our students must also realise that a key element of the Edusport Academy is the undeniable benefit of living a year abroad.

Our players live several months in immersion as students in one of the most dynamic and interesting cities in Europe in Glasgow, or in the international ambiance of Malta Island.

Living away from their families for few months or a year allows them to develop their character, become more mature, gain more self-confidence and become more independent.

The Edusport Academy was created to promote teamwork and cohesion by working together and sharing goals. It also allows our players to grow as an individual.

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Live in a Community


Living together, learning to cook, to do the housework, are many daily tasks that our students will have to learn to manage for a pleasant and rewarding group life.

The student residence, with hundreds of other students from around the world with different cultures and backgrounds, this creates an ideal environment to help develop tolerance, understanding and friendship.

Aside from training and courses, it is extremely important for us that our players get the most out of this experience in Scotland or in Malta. Making new friends, visiting new places and immersing yourself in Scottish or Maltese culture are all part of the experience.

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Go Shopping


Thanks to our partnership with TESCO, our players will also have to manage the purchases and their food credit.

Everyone will have their own TESCO card which allows them to buy what they need. This system encourages them to be vigilant with their spending, teaches them the value of money, while offering them the possibility of developing their independence. Everyone has their TESCO budget, which they receive quarterly.

The end result: young people who are mature, responsible, confident and happy for their future.