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Ayoub Ouali Trains with Glasgow Rocks!

1st November 2019


Edusport Basketball was proud to launch a partnership with local Brittish Basketball League side Glasgow Rocks.

This link has huge benefits for the Academy but most importantly our academy players.

One player who has hugely benefited from this has been Ayoub Ouali. Ayoub showed great promise and ability when he arrived in Scotland and was invited to train with the Glasgow Rocks by Head Coach and Edusport Basketball Technical Director, Vincent Lavandier.

Ayoub “ From the middle of October I started to train with the Glasgow Rocks twice a week. It was brilliant  for me. 

This was an opportunity to improve my playing because the Head Coach, Vincent is a great coach and I played with great players as well.

During the training we did a lot a shooting and games like 3vs3, 4vs4 and 5vs5 to run their plays. I am very grateful my coaches Cory and Vincent for allowing me this great opportunity to enhance my year at Edusport.”