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The Edusport Academy is a residential football academy based in Scotland designed to offer the very best environment to develop talented footballers both on and off the pitch.

Join the Edusport Academy and meet us at one of our upcoming detections.

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Don't just support the team.

Run the club.

Become a Revolutionary member of the Our Football Club project, and have the chance to take major decisions in the running of the football club.

Elite Football Performance Programme

Our 1-year academic program offers talented footballers the unique opportunity to combine high-level football coaching with intense English language tuition whilst benefiting from the experience of living abroad.

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Top UEFA qualified
coaching staff

Training daily in the best football facilities in Scotland, our players benefit from the coaching experience of top UEFA qualified coaching staff which allows them to improve technically, tactically and physically, guaranteeing remarkable progress during their time at the Academy.


Learn English

Normally it is only when you go out into the professional world will you truly understand the importance of being able to speak English well.  Having a mastery of English will give you better opportunities in life. You will have a more interesting job, a higher salary, better opportunities for professional advancement and the possibility of a rich and varied lifestyle.

Your ability to speak English will give you a competitive advantage, increased opportunities and less limitations on what you can do with your future.

Unlike previous experiences at high school, at the Edusport Academy, you will learn English in a stimulating and engaging environment, where you will be challenged to fulfil your potential.


Our Ethos

The Edusport Academy is based on a set of key principals that all players and staff should adhere to:


Without this we are nothing of worth. When we have understood how to respect ourselves, we can truly respect others.


We must take responsibility for our choices, our actions and our futures. Living in the correct way and always working hard to better ourselves.


Without respect and responsibility, we can never develop. Development is the ultimate objective of the Edusport Academy and everyone associated must have the desire to improve as a motivator. 

Join the Edusport Academy and meet us at one of our upcoming detections

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