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Johann Cryuff Insitute Collaboration

10th February 2020


For another year Edusport Academy have continued our collaboration with the Johann Cruyff Institute. This collaboration allows our students to part take in an online course at the highly regarded sports learning facility.

Integrating with their English lessons, our students are able to undertake a course in Sports Management. This course allows each member of the Edusport Academy to broaden their knowledge on the sporting world and impact that comes off of the the pitch, field  or court.
Our Students recently held a Video Conference with the JCI to discuss and talk further about the course and the Institute itself.

This course is a basic learning course but it opens a wide range of possibilities that could lead to a career that might not have been thought of before.

Edusport student Matei Cavallucci said: "This year, I have taken various e-learning courses given by the Cruyff Institute (Events Management/ Digital Marketing/ Financial Analysis). These certificates allowed me to deepen my knowledge by applying and specialising them in the fields of sport."