Supporters Charter


  • To play football in a sporting manner and compete at the highest professional level in Scotland.
  • To reinforce the importance of education through football
  • To promote and embrace diversity, cultural exchange and wellbeing
  • To attract supporters who share our ethos.
  • To be financially viable
  • To encourage more people, especially children, to play football.
  • To be successful, both on and off the field, by being ambitious, imaginative, adaptive to change and committed to improvement.
  • To create a friendly, safe and professional environment, ensuring good value for service.
  • To create a durable positive community presence.

To achieve this, the Club must build the best possible relationships with all ours existing and potential supporters (customers). The Edusport Academy Supporters’ Charter serves as a guideline to ensure good customer service.


1.1 We will acknowledge/respond to any contact from customers within a maximum of seven days.
1.2 The Club normally responds by telephone, e-mail, fax or letter. If a customer requests a response in writing she/he receives one.
1.3 Customers with a customer service comment or complaint should contact Laurent Ciechelski who is always available and can be contacted as follows:
Telephone: 07810 257 224
Fax: 0141 221 1497
Mail: EDUSPORT ACADEMY, Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, 1 O’Donnell Way, Motherwell, ML1 2TZ
1.4 Laurent Ciechelski has overall responsibility for Customer Service.
1.5 All complaints will be recorded. The name of the supporter, contact details, date, time and nature of the complaint will be recorded together with the nature of the reply and any remedial action, which has been taken.
1.6 If a supporter/customer is unhappy with the explanation provided they should refer the matter to the Club’s Chairman. (MR C G EWING) If they remain unhappy they can submit the matter to the Scottish Football Association who will evaluate the issue, and if deemed appropriate, raise the matter with the Edusport Academy.


The Club will ensure that:
2.1 Everyone receives equality of consideration when both seeking and using the services of Edusport Academy FC
2.2 General information regarding the services offered by Edusport Academy FC is appropriately publicised.
2.3 Supporters are informed as to fixture changes by whatever means it decides is most appropriate.
2.4 Seekers and users of Edusport Acadmey FC’s services are made aware of the Club’s customer service policy and be advised how to complain if they feel they have been unjustly treated.
2.5 Complaints will be investigated promptly and thoroughly.


Edusport Academy FC will:
3.1 keep its supporters informed on a regular basis by whatever means it decides is appropriate.
3.2 keep its supporters informed as to changes at the Club by whatever means it decides is most appropriate.
3.3 publish its position on major policy issues
3.4 publish details of its pay-at-the-gate and season ticket prices
3.5 offer an appropriate concessionary pricing policy.
3.6 publish its policy for postponed and abandoned matches
3.7 publish its policy on visiting support seat allocation.
3.8 publish the availability of and pricing policy for special needs seating and their carers.


4.1 All staff, whether full-time, part-time, sub-contracted or casual labour employed on match days, have a duty to act as ambassadors for Edusport Academy Football Club, a responsibility to provide proper care and attention to all supporters.
4.2 Edusport Academy FC. is committed to briefing staff on key issues, so that they are sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to answer the majority of supporter queries or concerns. If they are individually unable to answer a supporter’s enquiry, they will refer the matter to their supervisor, who will provide a response as quickly as possible but no later than seven days.
4.3 If a supporter has a problem with any member of Edusport Academy FC staff, the matter should be referred to Laurent Ciechelski at the Club.


5.1. The Club unreservedly recognizes that encouragement of both teams by shouting, cheering and non-abusive singing has a positive influence on the atmosphere and can contribute to the outcome of the match.
5.2 The Club will however take steps to prevent people from behaving in a manner likely to jeopardize the safety and enjoyment of others, or to bring discredit on the Club. This includes:
(a) the throwing of any article onto the pitch
(b) running onto the playing area at any time
(c) sectarian, racial or obscene chanting
5.3 If the Club becomes aware of any person having been convicted of a football-related offence (whether at home or elsewhere) or having been in serious breach of any of the Club’s Ground Regulations, it will, in consultation with the relevant police authority, make a decision as to whether that person should be subject to a Club ban. Each case will be judged on its own merits and the length of any ban will depend on the severity of the offence and/or the breach of the Club’s Ground Regulations.

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Hugo Catherine

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