Latest Detection Dates

The Edusport Academy back on tour and in search of new talent. Do not miss detections in your city or region.

If the Scottish adventure tempts you, is simple: join the Edusport Academy community by registering on one of our tour dates .

The full list is here:

09.02.16 BRUXELLES
10.02.16 PARIS
12.02.16 BREST
18.02.16 LYON
22.02.16 NICE

02.03.16 BORDEAUX
03.03.16 PARIS
04.03.16 NANTES
10.03.16 GENEVE (SUISSE)
17.03.16 MARSEILLE
23.03.16 TOURS

01.04.16 ST BRIEUC
06.04.16 PARIS
14.04.16 NANCY
15.04.16 VESOUL
21.04.16 TOULOUSE
29.04.16 LORIENT

12.05.16 ANDORRE

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